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Membership Criteria

In order to be considered for membership, students must show good leadership skills, excellent citizenship, and demonstrate academic excellence with the following: 
  • You have made all A’s and/or B’s on your 4th or 5th grade report card.
  • You have not received a discipline referral from 3rd grade to present.
  • Have not received any N’s or U’s for Conduct on your 4th or 5th grade progress reports.
  • You have an excellent attendance record during your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade year (this includes no more than 10 absences/10 tardies/10 early dismissals) for the year.
  • You demonstrate scholarship, leadership, character, and citizenship.
  • You have completed 5 hours of community service over the school year (with club sponsor).



Application Phases and Packet

Application Phases

  • Phase 1: Analysis of academic requirements
  • Phase 2: Assessment of character, citizenship, & leadership of students who meet academic requirements- Teacher & Principal sign eligibility form of the application
  • Phase 3: Students who meet the high expectations of both phase 1 & 2 will receive an application packet, attend an introductory meeting, and submit an essay (see NEHS Packet for details)
  • Phase 4: Application & essay are evaluated by NEHS Leadership Council
  • Phase 5: Invitation of induction given to qualifying students


Application Packet

Application packets for the 2020-2021 school year will be sent home the week of January 25th. Packets are due to Principal Kubit by dismissal time on February 8th. Applications will be reviewed by the NEHS Leadership Council and qualifying students will receive a letter and invitation to the induction ceremony.  The ceremony will be held virtually and shared via Facebook. If you have any questions, please email